Terp Star – Bruce Banner Live Diamond Sauce 1g


Live Diamond Sauce is a special kind of resin that is fairly new to the market. It’s a pure, quality-controlled product created by mixing live resin and clear distillate. The mixture of these two different concentrates creates a delectable experience for the taste buds.

The sugar consistency is the result of solid cannabinoids separating from the liquid terpenes, a process that gives all the benefits of full spectrum cannabis extracts. Each strain has idiosyncratic qualities when it comes to resin stability, crystallization potential, and so on, and most of extraction is science, but this is one of those areas where it becomes something of an art form.

Most people don’t drink fine wine out of a solo cup, and it’s best to take that approach to Live Diamond Sauce. Metal nails are used most often to get a precise temperature. Too hot and precious terpenes can burn off making the dab harsh and toasted.

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