Sovrin Extracts – Refill Cartridge V2 – Orange Crush

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Sovrin Extracts – Vape Cartridge prides itself on being the most potent and pure form of extracts in Canada. Sovrin doesn’t dilute its products by adding bulking agents, their products contain the purest ingredients and added terpenes.

As the Sovrin carts have zero fillers, bulking agents, PG/VG/PGe/MCT or residual solvents, you will enjoy the cleanest products on the market, and, they are lab tested as well.

Sovrin is a Vancouver based company. They pride themselves in the “Tilt Test” which is when you turn their cartridges upside down, the pure THC distillate will move very slowly. However, diluted cartridges move faster as a result of additives.


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