Fuego Extracts – Sour Flower – Sativa Shatter – 1g

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Fuego Extracts made in a Cascade Oven with Distilled Medical Grade Butane.  Sour Flower is an Indica dominant hybrid that is considered a rare find.  It offers an exceptional daytime appropriate high, offering boosts of creative and productive energy to get you through the day.  This is a plant that will heighten your attention to detail and genuine interest in whatever you plan on doing, making this an excellent choice for work tasks and social gatherings. Motivation is just one of the many benefits of this strain, as are stress relief, pain relief and an overall state of “HAKUNA MATATA”.  Enjoy Sour Flower before any form of physical exercise as it stimulates your senses.  

1 review for Fuego Extracts – Sour Flower – Sativa Shatter – 1g

  1. Jane Smith

    i liked the sourness:) if you like sour things youll enjoy this

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