Everest Extracts – Space Cookies – Hybrid Shatter – 1g

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Space Cookies combines the relaxed euphoria and distinctive flavor of GSC, a modern American classic, with an injection of afghan genetics added to the mix. The stable genetics of Space Cookies make this plant a superb addition to any indoor grow room setup. She is a medium sized plant that will grow without much encouragement and is relatively easy to manage which is good news for those new to growing. Experienced cultivators will appreciate the uniformity of this plant and the clusters of tight and resinous buds formed throughout its side branches. Initial bushy growth is followed by moderate stretching and this is a cannabis variety that will respond particularly well to training. Grown outdoors, Space Cookies is graceful but practical too. She naturally loves the sun of southern and Mediterranean regions but comes with good mold and pest resistance qualities – a fine coat that protects her from the less friendly climate in northern regions (sometimes displaying a flash of purple when conditions are cooler). Taste is a big factor, characterized by sweet and pine tones that layer the palate. But strength also oozes through this plant, thanks to its lineage, and intense relaxation soon follows, accompanied by a sense of everlasting happiness.

Effects: Energetic, Giggly, Uplifted, Hungry, Euphoric

May help with: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite


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3 reviews for Everest Extracts – Space Cookies – Hybrid Shatter – 1g

  1. kal el

    It was good,
    my cousin enjoyed it, i think its good for the price

  2. James Earl

    Godbud recommended some shatter for me to try, this being one of them, and surprisingly this one was fire! Loved the high, looked great. Havent seen shatter this good in few months.. thanks godbud for recommending this one.

  3. kal el

    Pretty good shatter, good taste feel smoke. great delivery time!!

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