Coast Concentrates – THC Distillate Cartridge – Pina Colada

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Pina Colada is an evenly balanced hybrid with a subtle aroma of wood and earth, topped with a stronger lemon and sour taste, guaranteeing a flavorful smoke. The buds are loose, green with pink magenta hairs, and not so sticky. It can be used to treat stress, anxiety, mood disorders and pain. Pina Colada strain is recommended for both daytime and nighttime use.


*Battery kits required for use, and sold separately*

1 review for Coast Concentrates – THC Distillate Cartridge – Pina Colada

  1. kal el

    Out of all the flavors godbud carries, this is my fav one..
    loved the service by them aswell. They found out I was local and met up with me right before the long weekend, so I wouldnt have to wait 5 days for it in the mail! love these guys!

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