Coast Concentrates – King Kush – Indica Shatter – 1g

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Indica dominant strain, with an amazing 20% THC content, has a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is a cross between Grape Ape and OG Kush and is not recommended for individuals who are new to smoking cannabis. King Kush looks no different than any of its Kush counterparts, but it does produce some incredibly dense nuggets. The buds are densely covered by dark green leaves with hues of purple and abnormal looking calyxes. It has a tangy and intense aroma with an unforgettable taste of grapefruit but with woody undertones. King Kush offers a desirable range of effects. When you smoke the strain, the high overcome you in no time. The effects start with elevated mood levels and feeling of euphoria. After no more than 20 minutes, you will feel your body ease up and relax. You may feel incredibly lazy, sedated and tired. But then again, the strain will clear your mind and its psychedelic effects will keep you coming back for more. The strain is perfect for nighttime use, it is often recommended to patients suffering from inflammation and chronic pains and aches. On the other hand, it is perfect for treating symptoms of insomnia and anorexia at the same time.

Coast concentrates pride themselves on premium quality concentrates. They are one of the newer brands on the market, but the quality of their products tell you they are here to take the top spot on the podium.  Only premium plants are chosen for their strains.  And their medical grade manufacturing process is second to none. Coast Concentrates products are lab tested.


Flavors: Sweet, Earthy, Grape

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy

Medical: Pain, Depression, Stress

1 review for Coast Concentrates – King Kush – Indica Shatter – 1g

  1. kal el

    Great high, with good service from the site. Definitely recommending to friends.

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