AAAA bud – Watermelon – Indica

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Watermelon is a full-bodies flower that smells and tastes like sweet and fruity watermelon. It has strong uplifting properties, that will make you feel energized and motivated at first, until the heavy handed indica traits kick in and result in a full-body stone.

Watermelon is an especially fruity and flavorful kind of strain, with an unknown heritage, adding to its myth and mystery. This aromatic bud is a treat in itself, and is well loved for its uniqueness in presence and personality, and is even more enjoyable when smoked with a bong.

This full-growing flower is specked with heavy crystals, enhancing its flavors immensely. Watermelon is known for clocking in at around 80% indica, guaranteeing a soothing and relaxing experience, and is often used as a sleeping aid for those who struggle to manage their chronic insomnia.

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